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Perspectives in English

We opened up this website for the people from other countries to know about our town, Kanda. We are planning to put out information concerning the events and festivals held in this area. Some articles and essays about Japanese culture will be also presented. We would be very happy if we could help you know more about Japan and the Japanese way of thinking through Kanda, one of the oldest area in Tokyo.

What is Kanda Gakkai ?

From the Edo Period, between 1600 and 1868, Kanda has been developing as a smart and stylish town in the center of the capital. Though the town suffered through the Great Kantoh Earthquake and World War II in the modern era, each time, it was splendidly restored. However nowadays the changes of its aspects are very surprising. The town renowned for its good old downtown atmosphere among the residence-cum-workplace area completely changed being deprived of its residential space after the rise of so many high office buildings.

We have published the magazine since 1977 trying to find out attracting spots of Kanda. Through this activity we have been encouraging good communication between the local people who have put down the roots in this area and those who have a foothold here for their business. How can we keep harmony in the town to make it a better place to live in while the population of office workers rapidly increses? In 1987 Kanda Gakkai was founded to look for our better urban life with the people living and working in this town.

Those of our activities started with less than ten members but play an enlightening part in urban planning. In 2001, we made another start as an NPO holding the principle to maintain good urban environment. We would like to collect wisdom and practical ideas from many people and work them out through our activities.

Articles and Essays

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